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Inzievar Woods is always open, for a relaxing walk or a wild excursion with the kids. From time to time there are also some events or projects going on which will be listed below.

Forest Education Initiative
The West Fife Forest Education Initiative has applied for funding to help train six Forest Leaders in the region and to help give schools the support they need to get kids out and using woodlands on a regular basis. For more information see the Forest Education Initiative page on this website


Small Grants are available from Dynamic Woods. These are to help enable local groups to get out and about and enjoy their woodlands. From preschool toddlers to over 80's anyone can apply. There are three main grant streams which are detailed below. These grants are funded from profits from the Scottish Wood Sawmill

Community Involvement Grants for 20011/12

Five £1,000 grants to get your group out and about in the woodland. Groups must be local, ideally from the West Fife Village area. The money can be used for equipment, skilled leaders, training, what ever you think you need to get your group out and about. Apply in writing outlining who you are and what you plan to do. Our directors meet every 3 months and we will let you know the outcome after the next meeting.

In the past many of the local West Fife Village Schools have used this grant to help them resource Forest Schools for their pupils. The funding has gone to purchase resources and outdoor gear, support to run the days and training for staff to enable the schools to run Forest Schools independently.

Forest Schools

We have given over £10,000 to help support Forest Schools in the area. This has gone to Active Schools who are working with local schools providing training and support to get the kids out and about in local woodlands.

Another £5,000 grant is available this year, we are currently investigating the purchase of all terraine wheel chairs to help ensure that all our local children can access activities in the woodlands.

Timber Grant West Fife Seconday Schools

A timber grant of £250 is available to all the Secondary Schools in West Fife to enable their students to use local timber in their projects. Contact Scottish Wood directly if you have not taken up your grant and would like more details.


Scottish Hardwood Furniture Competition (no longer running)

A competition to promote the use of local timber at colleges, schools and training establishments. Design and make a piece of furniture from Scottish harwood. The emphasis is on using easily available timber (ie not the one off spectacular pieces that are rarely found), and on making sure that you have a good market - who are you going to sell to and for how much. Download more information here or have a look at last years competition winner

Send photos and design to any time during the year. We may ask you to bring your piece for the judges to see at the end of June

Closing date June 2010


Dovetail Scotland have been one of Scottish Woods customers since we both started out. Below is a link to their website, if you then select their section on beams and fire surroundss - in the descrition it explains how the piece was made and why the timber was chosen for looks, simplicity and cost.

We would expect to see a similar explaination with any competition pieces, we would also like to see a small section on costings that would include

Competition Results for 2009

John Orr

john orr's prize winning table

The judges were especially taken by the simplicity, easy to find sections of timber and the batch process John had developed . John has just finished his first year at Adam Smith College.

Runner's Up

Gregor Cameron

tara chairnazo table

Gregor's Nazo table and Tara Chair were beautifully made. Gregor has now finished his course at Adam Smith and has set up a workshop in Thornhill (

Terry O'Brien

Awaiting picture

Boxes are always popular as a core stock item and can use up small pieces of timber leaving very little wasteage. Boxes are also something that customers can buy on an impulse. Terry is a student at Carnegie College


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